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Has Living With a Chronic Illness
Worn You Down?

1Do You Feel Like No One Really 1 Understands What Your Life is Like?
1 You've come to the right place! 1

If you feel depressed, stressed, anxious, hopeless, or isolated and alone because of living with a chronic illness or chronic pain, I understand. I've been there myself.

Having a chronic illness can be debilitating, demoralizing, and devastating. I don't have to tell you how completely unbearable it
can be. You know. You live with it every day.

The pain, fatigue, mobility concerns, relationship and intimacy challenges all keep wearing you down.

And then there's the future. You have nagging questions like:

Am I a good enough parent, spouse, or partner?

What if it gets worse?

Will I be a big burden to those I love?

You Can Get Your Life Back!

Today can be different, because today you're here, and I'm here to tell you that it really is possible to have more energy, more peace of mind, and get your life back.

You can manage your symptoms, even the worst ones. You can have a life that gives you satisfaction and joy. And as you start to make these changes in your life it's very possible that your symptoms will subside.

My name is Thomas Robinson and I know what it's like
to live with a serious chronic illness.

After struggling for years with a serious chronic illness, I've learned how to live very well with it. My healing journey gave me a deep appreciation for health and wellbeing, and led me to make it my life's work to help others to heal.

On this website and in my free e-course, you will learn how to live much better with your illness. You will learn how get the understanding you need, how to reclaim and recreate your life and make it much better than you think is possible, and you will also learn how to find a deep sense of peace.

If you're ready to move ahead, you can schedule a complimentary 20-minute coaching session with me by clicking here.

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Together we can make a dramatic shift in your life. Let's begin.

Email:thomas@chronicillnessturnaroundcoach.com | 20 E Islay Street, Santa Barbara CA 93101 | 408 . 398 . 9422
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